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About us News Production Certificates Our achievements Contacts Order 0
About us News Production Certificates Our achievements Contacts Order 0
Own material and technical base allows products to meet the highest standards.
Professional skills of our staff will help you determine the choice of materials.
Experience and capabilities allow us to deal with the introduction of high technology in everyday life.

Company Metahim visited the International Exhibition in Munich IFAT 2016.


In December 2015 aluminum sulfate was registered with the European Chemicals Agency, obtaining of International certificate REACH.


Metachem LLC took part in the 11th exhibition WaterChem2015.

Amount in figures:
Own production capacity exceeds 200,000 tons per year
The capacity of traffic railway transport 10,000 tons per month
Shipments by road 6000 tons per month
Market quotations:
1612 $/т.
65 $/т.
FOB Black Sea
530 $/т.

Reagents for water purification

Metahim Group of Companies produces and supplies a wide range of reagents for water purification for different purposes: drinking water treatment, sewage water purification, industrial water treatment. Among our product range, there are also other products, such as: industrial salt, soda salt, ammonia liquor, ferric sulfate, etc.

Reagents for water purification, produced by our company are certified and have the highest degree of quality. The largest enterprises of federal significance rely on our products. We highly appreciate each of our clients, and conduct thorough and constructive consultations on any product in our range.

You can be sure that Metahim Group of Companies is a reliable partner you can rely on in matters of supply of reagents for water purification. The quality of water is the quality of life!

Metahim - production of reagents for water treatment
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