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Аluminum sulphate

GOST 12966-85 rev. 1.2

Аluminum sulphate (Al2 (SO4) 3, the second name - aluminum sulphate) - one of the most common coagulants - reagents that are used to clean the water.

According to GOST aluminum sulphate technical there are three grades: high, first and second. Higher grade material is a homogeneous free-flowing powder having a particle size less than 20mm. Production of aluminum sulphate of the first and second grade allows the production of the material in the form of briquettes  and plates weighing no more than 10kg each. Standard color of the material of all sorts - white, but there are shades of blue, pink or gray.

Indicators of Higher grade 1 grade 2 grade


White crystals with gray, cream, blue shades in fractions from 0 to 20 mm.

Possible bright shades of rose , gray and blue colors.

The use of aluminum sulphate

Water purification in the economic sector, CHP and boiler;

the textile industry: as a colorant in tissue;

in the building: accelerates the production of concrete, as well as a waterproofing;

in horticulture: as fertilizer (stimulates bloom a second time) as well as to combat insects.

in everyday life: added in some of the types of soaps and cosmetics;

in medicine: included in the medicines, that relieve pain insect bites.


The dust of Aluminum sulphate  is harmful to humans, so it is necessary to work with the material only in accordance with safety standards: be sure to use gloves, goggles and a respirator. When aluminum sulphate poisoning, seek medical advice, the first aid - drink the milk, and then induce vomiting. In contact with aluminum sulphate into the body, in any case can not be used bicarbonates (hydrogencarbonates salt), such as soda. Purified technical aluminum sulphate - is non-flammable and explosion-proof.

Value creation:

Aluminum sulphate, the production of which before was based from expensive materials (aluminum hydroxide), today with the help of modern technology,   made  from materials (clay, bauxite, kaolin, alunite), which have a fairly low cost. Thus, the aluminum sulphate became a much more competitive material.

Order aluminum sulfate: 

- Advantages of aluminum sulphate

- Easy to transport. Packed material is allowed to transport even in open containers.

- Simple storage conditions. In confined spaces is possible to store the material in bulk or in bags.

- Shelf life -Unlimited.

- Low cost.

Thus, the aluminum sulphate is a convenient, high-quality, easily available and safe substance. Buy coagulant at a reasonable price can be in the company "Metahim". Experienced specialists of our company are ready to advise you on all matters, give expert advice and offer a unique environment.


Specialized soft containers big-bag weighing up to 800 kg.


Rail or road, in bulk or in containers.

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